Durham University Hockey Club

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Club Captain Jules Inverdale is looking forward to her first BIG BUCS WEDNESDAY as boss and would like to quote "Together we stand, together we fall, together we win and winners take all". She "wishes everyone the best of luck and hopes to see you all (boys) on the Loveshack dance floor".


BUCS returns this Wednesday for all 10 of our DUHC teams.


The Mens 1s have a huge away game against last year's gold medallists Nottingham University. Ahead of this, Captain Jack Balsdon says (he DID talk to me) "Nottingham away is always a classic, but with 2 good wins last week we'll certainly be looking to stretch our lead at the top of the league".


The Womens 1s also face Nottingham away and hope to start off their BUCS campaign with a bang. Captain Mollie Prawnsley is hoping for strong performnce after a long pre-season and says "the team are looking fit and the freshers seem to be outscoring the seniors...". The girls are excited about the trip down to Nottingham (not just because they are sharing a bus with the Mens Rugby Team) and are hoping to show the rest of the league what they are capable of.  

The Mens 2s play Liverpool at home and after a mid table finish last year are hoping to raise their game. Captaining the team again this year is Tim Blackburn (Jungle Tim) who quotes"form is temporary, class is permenant" which will "ensure a guaranteed level of flabouyancy on and off the pitch which is sure to dazzle the new league opposition Liverpool University".


The Womens 2s are at home to Liverpool and with an experienced team are hoping to use the home crowd to their advantage. Captain Jenni Polson says "with some fresh new talent the Womens 2s are looking fit, focussed an ready to score". She then went on to say "it's going to be hard without Murphy watching though".

The Mens 3s start the BUCS season with a home game against Newcastle Poly 2s and after a 9-0 win at weekend and are hoping for double figures on Wednesday. Full of confidance (as always) coach Charlie Subbings wishes them well and hopes they don't get caught short.


After promotion last year the Womens 3s now join the Womens 2s in the Northern 1A league. This league is full of Uni 1s teams and the Womens 3s are hoping to show off how good Durham Hockey really is. On Wednesday they face Newcastle 1s away and captain Kate Pratt believes "this team can beat anyone and are strong enough to even conquer the Womens 2s".

Under the captaincy of Mens 4s legend Chris Bailey the team are hoping to uphold their reputation as "The Gentlemen's XI" and also play some noble hockey. On Wednesday they face Leeds Beckett 2s on home turf and are hoping to "out class and out play the poly".


In 2014 the Womens 4s won BUCS gold under the honourable captaincy of Steph Smith. There are still a number of these gold medallists playing, including captain Alicia Collyear. They travel to Sheffield on Wednesday to face Sheffield 2s in which should be a tough first game.  

The Mens 5s was established last season and after a couple of large victories (including a 17-0 win over Sunderland 1s) were promoted into the Northern 5B league. This year they are hoping to climb even further up the leagues and with Huddersfield 1s at home on Wednesday captain Zach Chadwick says: "what can really go wrong when you have a team full of 2s players?".


The Womens 5s were also new to DUHC last year and annihilated any team that dared face them. Their largest victory was a 24-0 against Leeds 8s and goalie Lizzie McAdam failed to touch the ball all season. This years captain Bryony Miller is hoping to continue the W5s winning ways with a huge victory against Hull 2s infront of a roaring home crowd.

The Matches are as follows:


M1 - Nottingham 1s (A) - 16:00  

M2 - Liverpool 1s (H) - 13:00  

M3 - Newcastle 2s (H) - 16:30  

M4 - Leeds Beckett 2s (H) - 13:00  

M5 - Huddersfield 1s (H) - 14:45  


W1 - Nottingham 1s (A) - 14:30  

W2 - Liverpool 1s (H) - 14:45  

W3 - Newcastle 1s (A) - 17:45  

W4 - Sheffield 2s (A) - 17:00

W5 - Hull 2s (H) - 16:30